Theraputic Exercies:

The backbone of our practices rests on MLSPT use of a broad base of therapeutic exercises. Exercises utilized by our therapist are designed to resolve pain, increase range of motion, muscular strength, endurance, and coordination. In addition, cardiovascular health and maintenance of the unaffected limbs are addressed when applicable. The desired goal of therapeutic exercises is to return the injured pateint back to pain-free and fully functional activities. Individualized exercise programs are created to help in the rehabilitation process at home. Programs are designed to target specific injuries such as; rotator cuff tears, joint replacements, neck and back injuries.

To efficiently work towards a full recovery, our patients exercise programs are individualize for continued home performance. An example of MLSPT specific therapeutic programs that target common injureies are rotator cuff, joint replacements, and extensive back and neck programs.


Modalities include treatment options ranging from simple heat / ice to complex electrical muscle stimulators (EMS) and interferential current (IFC). MLSPT uses many forms of modalities as general tools for addressing various therapeutic issues, and such as pain management and/or msucle stiffness. We are using Graston Technique specialty soft tissue scraping are listed as a Graston provider.

Your treatment may consist of one or more of the following: moist heat / ice, ultrasound or ultrasound EMS, high volt, IFC, and/or TENS.

Manual Therapies:

There are numerous manual therapy techniques utilezed by physical therapist and other professionals. MLSPT physical therapists are trained and certified to perform; joint/soft tissue mobilization/manipulation, muscle energy, myofascial release, strain counter-strain and soft tissue/ deep friction massage.

Manual therapies are hands-on techniques performed by our licensed physical therapists. Therapists use their knowledge of human anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology to physically target and treat problem areas. MLSPT has experienced success in applying manual therapy techniques to supplement our patients's recovery. Uses for manual therapy man include, but are not limited to;pain management, increasing range of motion (ROM), reducing or elimination soft tissue inflamation, facilitating movement, and improving function.


In addition to the traditional bandaging and wound care we are proficeint in athletic taping. We have utilized Kinesio Tape for edema control, inhibition, facilitation, and support for years with dramatic results as seen below.

This first Following 2 days of wearing Kinesio Tape to drain fluid and Swelling from the hamstring, You can see where the tape was place the color is beginning to return.

This is Day 4 after applying Kinesio Tap and you can see that most of the swelling and fluid is gone and almost all discoloration is gone as well. At this point we can begin treatment on the hamstring.